OFFICIAL: Top 10 Most Expensive High Schools in Puerto Rico

Here’s the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Puerto Rico and Their Fees. If by any means you still don’t know what school to choose for your children? Let’s look through the Top 10 of the most expensive schools in Puerto Rico and Their Fees 2018!

There are some schools in Puerto Rico where education fees run in thousands of US Dollars. These schools are exclusively for the rich people, who can afford them. NB: Our projection is based on their 2017 fees plus a 7.5% increase (the amount by which they increased their fees in the previous year).

Take a look at what Puerto Rican most expensive schools cost in 2018.

  1. St. Mary’s School Tuition Fees: $5,000 – $8,000

Top 10 Expensive Schools In Puerto Rico In 2018

St. Mary’s School has become the top choice for parents who want an integral education through a variety of strategies and activities that promote critical thinking skills. Also well-known on the island, St. Mary’s School was established in 1987. This bilingual school offers a top level, modern curriculum and teaching methods in preschool through 12th.

St. Mary’s School educational program encourages the student to develop their mental capacity and the necessary attitudes to achieve success in their future education and career. St. Mary’s values critical and creative thinking and utilizes the latest innovations and technologies in their classrooms.