Forbes List: Top 10 Richest Bulgarian in 2018

Richest Bulgarian was compiled from different relevant and credible sources. There are many Millionaires considered as Richest Bulgarian but Best10now has taken the responsibility to compiled the top 10 Richest Bulgarian, their Sources of wealth and their net worth in 2018.

Bulgaria, a former communist country that entered the EU in 2007, has an open economy that historically has demonstrated strong growth, but its per-capita income remains one of the lowest among EU members and its reliance on energy imports and foreign demand for its exports makes its growth sensitive to external market conditions. The government undertook significant structural economic reforms in the 1990s to move the economy from a centralized, planned economy to a more liberal, market-driven economy.

These reforms included privatization of state-owned enterprises, liberalization of trade, and strengthening of the tax system – changes that initially caused some economic hardships but later helped to attract investment, spur growth, and make gradual improvements to living conditions.

From 2000 through 2008, Bulgaria maintained robust, average annual real GDP growth in excess of 6%, which was followed by a deep recession in 2009 as the financial crisis caused domestic demand, exports, capital inflows and industrial production to contract, prompting the government to rein in spending. Real GDP growth remained slow – less than 2% annually – until 2015, when demand from EU countries for Bulgarian exports, plus an inflow of EU development funds, boosted growth to more than 3%. In recent years, low international energy prices have contributed to Bulgaria’s economic growth and helped to ease inflation; but, in 2017, rising international gas prices could dampen Bulgaria’s growth prospects.

Who is the richest man in Bulgaria? Among this list who is the richest? Ignat Kaneff, Vasil Bozhkov, Hristo Kovachki, Valentin Zahariev, Mitko Sabev, Petya Slavova, Tsvetan Vasilev, Naiden Ivanov, Ivelina Atanasov, Kamen Kolchev and Petar Petrov. Read the article to discover the richest of them all. Bulgaria is home to some of the world top millionaires and ignat Kaneff has not only made fortune for himself but has put Bulgaria in the world map.

Top 10 Richest Bulgarian, their Net worth and Sources of Wealth

10. Grisha Ganchev

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Estimated net worth: $ 286 million
Stakes in privately held companies: Litex Commerce and through that Sofia Central Bus Station, Litex Magazin EOOD, Hotel Presidium Palace, CSKA Football Club. Also manufactures the Queens juices, trades in sugar, rents out 31 petrol stations to Shell, produces hydroelectricity through Pirinska Bistritsa Energiya, etc.
Stakes in public companies: Unknown.
Grisha Ganchev is famous as one of the biggest patrons of the arts in Bulgaria. He is also one of the biggest sponsors of sports and is passionate about horses.